Grape Varieties
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                                                                We grow these ...Grape Varieties

                                                      Sauvignon blanc                                  Semillion                 

wpe1.jpg (9271 bytes)     Chenin Blanc                                      Verdelho        

                        Chardonnay                                        Symphony

                                Cabernet Sauvignon                        Syrah

                                         Zinfandel                                            Merlot


                                                                     Newly planted ... Grape Varieties


                                                                      Durif (Petite Syrah)


    Grapes are 70 cents per pound, you pick, with free use of crusher/destemmer and press. We believe in the "you pick" concept so that you can select the grapes which will fit your winemaking style.

    Please bring containers for transporting must as it sloshes in transit. Red grapes produce about 8 gal of finished wine per 100 pounds of grapes while whites produce about 5 gal of finished wine per 100 pounds of grapes but plan on containers for additional volume.