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P & N Enterprises has been producing superb quality pasture hay for more than 20 years.  We have many satisified customers feeding both horses and livestock.  We fed our own herd of "fussy eater" sheep, exculsively on this hay for 4 generations.  We have regular buyers feeding show horses, cattle, sheep, milk goats and even a llama.  We pride ourselves on growing and baling the best possible pasture hay.

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Quality Hay Features:

  • natural mix of rose, ladino and white clover, annual and perranial rye grass, orchard grass and timothy. As in any totally natural plant community different grasses and legumes grow at different times of the year and cycle through different years but this hay is always "tasty" to animals.
  • barn stored immediately after baling and never allowed to get wet even on the outside.
  • concret floored barn
  • never baled over 18% moisture
  • 3 twine baled for animal safety with large sized 19" x 23" bales
  • easy access to barn and we'll help you load a pickup, small truck or a trailer. Because hay is placed in the barn with a harrowbed it is usually not possible to remove it with a hay squeeze but a stack a retrever truck works great.
  • Truck and trailer loads available with prior reservation only as stacks must be picked up from the field.

Location is in southern Sacramento County, California off I-5 near Lambert Road. 3 miles north of Twin Cities (SR 104)

Please call Paul at 916-425-4763 to pick up hay. We are available most any day but you must schedule an appointment. Thanks for considering P & N for your livestock hay needs.