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P & N Enterprises offers high quality Eucalyptus firewood for your fireplace or wood stove.

Our Quality Eucalyptus Firewood is:

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  • cut to an averave of 16" to 18" long and split                                    
  • seasoned a minimum of 6 months in hot valley heat
  • burns clean and hot similar to oak
  • sold by the cord or 1/2 cord
  • a full size pickup holds about 1/2 cord
  • very competively priced, usually below others
  • "cash & carry" only, we don't deliver
  • we'll help you load

Location is in southern Sacramento County, California off I-5 near Lambert Road. 3 miles north of Twin Cities (SR 104)

Please call Paul at 916-425-4763 to pickup firewood. We are available most any day but you must schedule an appointment. Thanks for considering P & N for your firewood needs.